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  • Full Name: Sota Mikami
  • Email: duong.sm95@gmail.com
  • Address: Kyoto, Japan

Hello There!

I was born in 1996, living in Ho Chi Minh City. I work as a UIUX designer for freecracy co.,ltd.

Previously, I worked as a General Manager / CMO in the education tourism industry in Okinawa(Japan), collaborating with companies such as JTB, KNT and NTA. Then, I was a Japanese-language-teacher in Vietnam. Through doing educational business, I became interested in the means of IT. After that, I did private development, starting up educational NPO in Vietnam, engage in the management of web media about ASEAN “ASEAN WORK NAVI”.

My interest: ASEAN, Design, PeopleTech(especially EdTech).

I’ll join in Atrae Inc. from 19’ Oct.

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I want to work for asean people(especially, vietnamese) through technology with a great team.

I wanna make delight for ASEAN.

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